How to get your own Bitcoin ATM- The Easiest Method

Bitcoin has been talked about a lot in the media lately. Some people love it while others are skeptical of it. Just like any other digital currency, Bitcoin is not without its share of controversies. One major controversy has been the limited amount of places that accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services. Another issue is how difficult it can be to find your own Bitcoin ATM. If you’re wondering how to get your own Bitcoin ATM, here are the best options based on your needs and available locations.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that is independent from government control. Bitcoin is the first application of blockchain technology and was created in 2008. It has been gaining momentum ever since, with over 100,000 merchants accepting it as payment for goods and services now. Bitcoin has been steadily increasing in value over time, reaching an all-time high in December 2017 of $19,783 per coin.

How does a Bitcoin ATM work?

A Bitcoin ATM is a machine that lets you exchange cash for bitcoins. It’s a kiosk-style machine that can be installed in stores, restaurants and other businesses. The kiosk will let you buy or sell bitcoins using traditional methods such as cash and credit cards. There are already many Bitcoin ATMs around the world if you’re wondering how to find your own Bitcoin ATM.

A brief history of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. He designed Bitcoin as a way to provide payment without a third party like banks or governments, which means it is not controlled by any one entity.

One of the most important aspects of Bitcoin is its decentralized nature. This means that it relies on nodes in the network that verify transactions and maintain an accurate accounting system rather than having any central authorities, such as banks or governments, make these decisions. The system is based on cryptography so users are able to confirm transactions and know for certain who owns what bitcoin. It also has a set of rules called “consensus” that all users have to agree with before transactions can be made.

This system makes Bitcoin extremely difficult to hack because there are no central points for hackers to break into when trying to steal coins from people’s wallets.

Another major aspect of Bitcoin is its use as a form of money. Unlike traditional methods, Bitcoin allows you to send digital currency directly from person to person without the need for a middleman like a bank or credit card company. So you don’t have to pay hefty fees for sending money internationally or wait days for your check to clear when paying for something online with your credit card

How to install your own Bitcoin ATM

Installing a Bitcoin ATM is not as difficult as it sounds. First, you will need to buy a machine from an existing company and install it in your location. There are two ways to do this:

-First, you can register for a free account with Athena. Once you have your account verified, you can order the Athena ATM and select your location and associate it with your profile.

-Second, if you want to build a Bitcoin ATM yourself, there are many different tutorials online that teach how to do so (here’s one).

Where to find a Bitcoin ATM in your area

If you don’t have any specific interest in getting your own Bitcoin ATM, but are curious what kind of options exist in your area, we recommend using CoinATMRadar. CoinATMRadar is a service that shows live locations of Bitcoin ATMs. Simply enter your location and it will show you if a Bitcoin ATM is located near you.


In the span of just a few years, Bitcoin has come from the depths of obscurity to the forefront of the financial world. With your own Bitcoin ATM, you can offer your customers a one-of-a-kind experience, with a little bit of technology and a lot of innovation.

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