How to Reduce Your Expenses With a Miniproxy

Miniproxxes are small, camera-equipped devices that are attached to your property and can capture evidence of breaking and entering. They automatically record footage when they detect movement, and they will continue to save video data in the event that you need to review an intruder’s visits in order to collect evidence for a police report or other formal procedure. It is much easier for someone to steal from your home if they have access to it, so installing a miniproxy is the first step toward reducing the risk of that from happening. Miniproxxes are not expensive and can be installed by anyone with basic DIY skills. This article explains everything you need to know about them and how you can get one for your property.

What is a Miniproxy?

A miniproxy is a small, camera-equipped device that is attached to a property. It can detect movement, and it will continue to save footage in the event that the homeowner needs to review it. A miniproxy is the best way to reduce the risk of burglary, as someone who has been inside your home will have to either climb over it or cut through it to access your belongings. Miniproxies come in different sizes to fit specific parts of your home, and they can record footage when they detect movement. The data can be saved so you can access it at a later date, and it will also be there if you need to file a police report or other formal procedure.

How Does a Miniproxy Work?

A miniproxy is a small camera that is attached to the inside of your home. It detects movement, and it will capture footage when it does. A miniproxy is best suited to inside-use situations, such as when you need to protect a part of your home where there are no security cameras. To install a miniproxy, you simply attach the device to a ceiling or wall surface and plug it in. Then, you need to arm it by walking through the area that it detects in order to start recording footage. The device will continue to record if you walk through it again without stopping.

Which type of miniproxy should you get?

It is best to get a mini or micro proxy device. These are small and suitable for mounting in places like your garage or inside your office. A full-size device is too large to be useful and too large to discreetly hide. Additionally, a mini device is suitable for indoor use and a micro device is suitable for outdoor use. A mini device is suitable for indoor use and can be discreetly hidden indoors. A micro device is suitable for outdoor use and is small enough to be hidden outdoors.

Will a Miniproxy Catch Burglars?

Miniproxies are designed to catch burglars. Someone who gains unauthorized access to your property will need to climb over it or cut through it in order to get into your home. They will have to either climb over it or cut through it, so a miniproxy can be used to protect against either of these methods. The most common way to get into someone’s home is through an open door or window, so you can reduce the risk of this by installing a miniproxy. A miniproxy will detect movement, and it can be used to record footage of anyone attempting to break into your home. It will also record footage of anyone attempting to gain entry in a different way, such as by cutting a hole in your home.

Other benefits of a miniproxy

Miniproxies are also useful for protecting your home when you are away. If you are going on vacation for a week, for example, you can leave a miniproxy at your home. It will detect anyone who tries to gain entry and record footage for you to review at a later date. A miniproxy can also be used to deter burglars. In most situations, a miniproxy will not be enough to catch burglars red-handed. It will only alert you when they are in your home and capture footage for you to review. This means that if someone tries to break into your home with a miniproxy, they will have to either climb over it or cut through it.


There are many reasons why you might want to install a miniproxy. They are small and discreet, they are easy to install, and they can be used to protect your property against both burglars and people who try to gain entry by cutting holes in it. Miniproxies are not expensive, and they are also relatively easy to install. However, they are an effective way to protect your home and reduce the risk of burglary. If you think they could be useful for your situation, it is worth investing in one. The best way to do this is to talk to a burglary alarm installation company like Advance Security.

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