What is Riveal?

Riveal is an open source tool that helps you analyze user behavior in your iOS apps. It gathers insights about how users interact with your app, and provides actionable information to help improve user experience. Riveal measures the effectiveness of your app’s onboarding, identify friction points in usage, tracks user progress to help retain users, and more. Furthermore, Riveal makes analyzing usage data a hassle-free process. Instead of having to look through long tables with many columns and compare different views of the same data, you can get all the information you need at your fingertips with a few clicks. Read on to find out more about what Riveal can do for you!

Why is User Behavior Analysis Important?

If you’re developing a new app, or optimizing an existing one, you want to know how your users are interacting with your app. By understanding user behavior, you can make design changes to improve your app for more effective user experience. By understanding user behavior, you can improve your onboarding flow, create more engaging and effective use cases, and ultimately, increase retention and revenues. Knowing how users interact with your app enables you to make strategic decisions about your app. You can see what features are used the most, and which are used the least. You can see how long users stay engaged with your app and what they use to exit the app (if they do at all). You can even see what device types users prefer and what language they use when interacting with your app. All of these insights and more will help you optimize your app and identify areas that can be improved.

How does Riveal work?

Onboarding and onboarding is an incredibly important part of the user experience of any app. It sets the tone for how the user will interact with the rest of the app. Poor onboarding can lead to users dropping off and potentially lead to negative reviews. Riveal can help you keep your users engaged by tracking how users interact with the onboarding flow. Riveal collects a variety of information, such as how long it took for a user to complete each step in the onboarding flow, how many times they went back and forth between two steps, and what percentage of users completed each step. This information can help you identify friction points in the user experience and make the necessary design changes to improve the experience.

What can you find with Riveal?

Riveal helps you track all sorts of information with your users, including their progress through your app. This progress tracking can be helpful for a variety of things, such as identifying which features in your app are being used the most often. This can help you determine what features you should focus on developing next. Riveal also tracks when users exit your app, which is another helpful piece of information. This can help you understand what might be causing users to exit your app. Is it too difficult to navigate? Are there buttons that are too easy to accidentally press? Are there any bugs that are causing the app to exit unexpectedly? Riveal can also help you better understand how your users are interacting with your app. You can see which devices your users are on, the languages they are using, and how many users are interacting with your app.

In-app Events and User Actions

Another way Riveal can help you understand how your users are interacting with your app is through in-app events and user actions. As you collect more data about your users and how they interact with your app, you’ll be able to identify areas of improvement and make strategic design changes that can help improve your app’s user experience. This ultimately helps you increase retention and revenue.

Retention Tracking and Cohort Analysis

Retention is a major concern for app developers and marketers. You want to make sure your users are completing the onboarding phase and sticking around long enough to make the investment in downloading your app worth it. Riveal also has some useful features that can help you better understand your user retention. For example, you can use Riveal to track user retention over time. This can help you understand if your retention is improving or declining over time. Riveal also has features that help you better understand your retention by cohort. Cohort analysis allows you to see how different groups of users interact with your app. You can use this information to identify trends that might be helpful in improving your app. For example, you can see if any groups of users are dropping off at a certain point in their use of your app.


Riveal is a powerful tool that helps you understand user behavior in your app. It can track progress, identify in-app events, and more. Riveal can help you improve your user experience and ultimately, increase retention. Riveal can help you make strategic design changes based on the data you collect. Using Riveal, you can identify areas that need improvement and make design changes to optimize your app for an improved user experience.

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