How can I fix the Gmail Spell check not working?

There is a long list of email service providers, but the one that has been extremely attention-seeking is Gmail. This free email service of Google ensures amazing storage and great services. Yet the users keep on encountering technical problems like the Gmail app no connection or spell check not working. Now, in such a situation, reading this blog will help you to resolve and troubleshoot all your problems without any fuss or chaos. Just execute the steps to completely resolve the Gmail spell check not working. Have a look!

What are the reasons behind the Gmail spell check not working?

There are different reasons behind Gmail spell check not working, and a few of them are given here:

  • The spell-check feature isn’t enabled in your Gmail
  • Features could not be enabled on the browser
  • Maybe you have internet issues
  • There could be faulty device configuration
  • Maybe your browser is outdated
  • Faulty app servers

Fix Gmail spell check not working!

To fix Gmail spell check not working, you are supposed to follow and apply a few important instructions:

Enable spell checker in your Gmail account

  • You must sign in to your account, and then you must tap on compose button to create an email
  • Now, you should tap the three dots, which is located at the bottom right part of the new message window
  • Then, you should opt for the option ‘check spelling.’
  • This action will turn on the spell checker
  • And soon, this will identify and highlight the typing mistakes which can create spelling errors
  • You can click the misspelled word and then choose the right one
  • Now, you should hit the re-check to run the spell checker after writing the message
  • And then, you must also change the language just by tapping the small drop-down that is next to re-check

Reboot your system

  • Firstly, you must launch the start menu, which is located at the taskbar
  • Now, you can do it just by pressing the Windows icon
  • And then, you must head over to the power options tab
  • Now, in the end, select the restart option
  • Soon this option will reboot your entire system
  • And then check if the issue is resolved

Enable spell check on your browser

  • You must launch the chrome browser
  • And then, you should hit the three-dot icon which is located at the right corner
  • From the menu, you must tap the settings option
  • Then, hit the advanced option, which is present on the left side
  • Now, click on the language
  • Then, you must enable spell check
  • Now, you must tap the option of ‘enhanced spell check,’ which is present in the languages section

Follow and execute the above-stated steps to resolve your issues. In case you are stuck with issues like Gmail Search not Working, then manually implementing the steps can help you.

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